A New York State of Mind

Welcome to Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce

Inside the brick warehouse that houses Forty Deuce, it’s all about New York, baby!  

Pictures of Times Square cram the walls and vintage postcards of 42nd St. hang from the bar.  Kane grew up in the Big Apple, so all the burgers, sandwiches and crazy shakes are named after places that were part of Kane’s world growing up, from The 2nd Ave. Deli (a sandwich and a burger!) to The Rockefeller Center (the ultimate VIP burger with wagyu beef and truffles), from The Fuhgeddaboudit! (chicken and waffles) to The Bridge and Tunnel (an enormous rainbow sprinkled shake topped with confetti cake and a sparkler!).

The dramatic gourmet burgers and towering skyscraper milkshakes were all created by Kane and Iron Chef winner Neal Fraser, who partnered together to make sure that at Forty Deuce, “a burger ain’t just a burger” and a milkshake is guaranteed to make kids squeal (psst - Mom and Dad often make the shakes boozy!).