Forty Deuce does Drag also, baby!

Drag Show and Dance Party

Sunday, September 24th

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Forty Deuce's new Drag Show, Kane has partnered with local Drag sensation Blonde Vanity to put together the ultimate party, where DJs play a mix of top 40, old-school hip hop and of course disco, in between the Drag Queen performances, .  

Says Kane, “The drinks are cheap and the bartenders are cool ... or is it the drinks are cool and the bartenders are cheap!  Well, either way works!”  Adds Ben Lewis, aka Blonde Vanity, “I’m so excited to help bring Ohio’s most fabulous Drag Queens to Ivan’s venue, arguably the coolest room in town.  It has all these runways that bring the show throughout the entire space.  You actually have to go into the kitchen of the Pizzeria and through a walk-in refrigerator to enter the hidden Speakeasy." 

Yes, Queen ... a refrigerator!