“A return to Rat Pack roots wrapped around the best burlesque shows . . .” 

-TIME Magazine

“An intimate, classy lounge.” 

-New York Times

“Where do stars go when they want to party? Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce!”

-Entertainment Tonight

“The club king, Ivan Kane is at the vanguard of the scene”

-The London Daily Telegraph

“. . . Amazing dancers, classy execution . . . lots of taste . . . great!”

-The Hollywood Reporter

“Ivan Kane has almost single-handedly made nightlife sexy.”

-Vegas Magazine

“Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce celebrates burlesque as an art form.”

-Los Angeles Times

“Club puts new bloom on old va-va-va voom.”

-USA Today

“Take an old school walk on the wild side.”

-Los Angeles Magazine

“The trendsetter is Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce!”

-Rolling Stone Magazine

“ ... you couldn’t have more fun.”

-Daily Variety

“... an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Kane has established some of the country’s trendiest clubs; built around spectacle and unmatched ambience.”

-Poker Life Magazine

“This is truly burlesque reinvented, as only Ivan Kane can do.”

-The Los Angeles Times